• Jenna Gines


Updated: Jan 15

This all started when I went to a park...

I took my 3 babies to an "accessible" park. There weren't any wood chips so I could easily push Jackson around. Lincoln and Kennedy ran off playing. As I was pushing Jackson around I realized there was nothing he could do in or out of his wheelchair! I could tell he was getting frustrated as his brother and sister ran around playing. He wanted to play with them. Tears filled my eyes as I pushed my sweet boy around trying to find something he could do.

It's not his genetic disorder that made me sad. It's not that he uses a wheelchair that made me sad. It's that we live in a world that isn't inclusive to him often. We live in a world that doesn't include him often.

That day my heart was lit on fire to create a place just for him and everyone like him!

Welcome to Jack's Play Cafe!

Here's our 2 minute video with actual footage from this exact day, our story, and what Jack's Play Cafe will offer to our community!

Thanks for reading and watching!

- Jenna

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