• Jenna Gines


It was the spring of 2019 and I took my three babies to a park and there was nothing my middle son who uses a wheelchair could do. I held back the tears as I pushed him around trying to find something he could do in or out of his chair. I didn't cry because he has an undiagnosed genetic disorder or because he uses a wheelchair. I cried because our world isn't accessible or inclusive to him often.

That day my heart was lit on fire to create an indoor play space just for him and everyone like him. Most indoor play spaces are trampolines or big structures you climb all over or in. My son can't do either.

It's important to me that my son is included right along side his siblings. It's important to me to create a place for other momma's who have children with disabilities because I know exactly what that's like and how hard it can be to go out and about especially when you have other children. It's important to me to create a place for the momma that just needs another adult to talk to and take a break. It's important to me to create a place where parents have the option to relax, chat, or work while their child places in a safe, clean, enclosed play space.

I'm creating a space that includes everyone.

Everyone can play at Jack's Play Cafe.

Photo by Charissa Lee Studios

Thank you for reading!

- Jenna

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