• Jenna Gines


Hey friends,

Thank you for being here! Thank you for supporting this dream of mine. Everything has been coming together so perfectly. I couldn't be more grateful.

I have my business plan done. I have my point of sale system done. I know what I want in the play areas, cafe, etc. I have it all dreamed up, written out, done. Now I just need to execute it and bring it all to life, which is what I'm most excited for! I can only guess how many people are going to come play for so long... ;)

Currently I'm working on funding! The biggest hurdle in my opinion. It's hard to get funding for a start-up when you don't have any history to show. How do they know you'll run a successful business and be able to pay them back? I get it, I do. But it can be frustrating too. I can't move forward until I have the money to do so. It obviously costs a lot of money to open up a brick and mortar business. Finding a location, build-out, all the imaginative toys and play area items, the furniture, the cafe tables, chairs, food, training employees, etc.

I'm forever grateful to all the kind humans who have helped us get this far and I know there will be many more who will contribute to our cause.

I'm so so excited to bring this to our community. There's nothing else like it. I hope you'll love it as much as I do. I just can't wait for you to come play!

Photo by Charissa Lee Studios

Thank you for reading!

- Jenna

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