• Jenna Gines


Play is essential to a child's development and not just physical play. Especially these days with so many screens and technology everywhere, it's so important for children to unplug and use their imaginations.


Imaginative play fosters creativity. When children can play freely, without being interrupted, told what to do or told no constantly, they thrive and that's when the learning begins.

Play fosters many important skills that children need to learn. Language, social, emotional, thinking and imaginative skills.

Over the last 75 years many researchers and theorists have stated that imaginative play is crucial to the normal development of a child. It's not just a fun thing for children to do, they need it.

That is why I'm creating a place where you can come, sit back and relax while drinking your Dr. Pepper, while your children use their language, social, emotional, and imaginative thinking skills to further their development.

We can't wait to play with you!!

Thanks for reading!

- Jenna


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