• Jenna Gines


I wanted to create a place where EVERYONE could play! I was sick of going to parks and my son not being included so I decided to change that.

What can a person that uses a wheelchair do at a park like the one above?

A LOT of outdoor and indoor play excludes people who use a wheelchair or have different needs. A LOT of indoor play consists of trampoline or jungle gym like places where people who use a wheelchair can't play.

I wanted a place where not only my son could play right alongside his siblings and peers but everyone like him. I wanted a place that included those who use a wheelchair or have different needs.

Jack's Play Cafe will focus on imaginative play. So a playhouse, grocery store, dress-up, etc. Think Children's Museum but tiny scale so you don't have to run around with them. ;) You can sit on the couch and relax while your children are learning through play.

Jack's Play Cafe will be cleaned daily!! THE biggest complaint I have heard from hundreds of parents about indoor play spaces has been cleanliness. I couldn't agree more! Especially when you have little crawlers who are on the ground and most likely putting things in their mouth. Jack's Play Cafe will be cleaned multiple times a day with natural cleaners.

I don't know of a place that compares to Jack's Play Cafe. There isn't anything like it.

Jack's Play Cafe will be the first all inclusive indoor place space in the state of Utah. Everyone can play at Jack's Play Cafe!

And we just can't wait to open our doors...

We hope you'll come and play!!

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Thanks for reading!

- Jenna

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