"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

“I feel like a lot of the ones in the mall are for smaller kids. It would be cool to see an indoor playground that caters to both smaller kids and bigger kids. Also, not incredibly expensive lol. With seating for parents. It would also be cool if it sold snacks and what not. Free WiFi is cool too so I could bring my laptop to do school work while my kids play. K I’m done now.”

- Shalaya Mullins

“I would absolutely spend time here. I suffer from extreme anxiety in public settings while taking 3 kids out alone especially the 6 yr old (ADHD, ODD, anxiety) he can run and throw fits if things turn sour, so being around others who “get it” would be super helpful.”

- Caitlyn Smolka

“Love this idea so much!! I just had this conversation with my husband the other day of how we needed something like this because it’s so hard to take our kiddos to do fun things! I have a 14 yr old autistic son so I’d love a sensory room with swings and bubble lights! Also what location/area are you looking into because I think we need one in every city in Utah!”

- Kristy Duran

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